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How to deal with big changes in your life

What if it was not about dealing with the sudden changes in the moment, but building a reserve allowing you to manage more effectively when the unexpected occurs? Too many of us are lulled into the notion that we must wait until symptoms arise before we act. While that is an acceptable and necessary approach in some instances, it is not ideal; especially if we have not the skill or coping mechanism(s) to work through the event. Consider how one must take medication for certain ailments over time: one does not only take prescribed pills at the onset of serious symptoms. In accordance with traditional approaches and scientific findings, I propose working towards building said reserve through a regular and meaningful that invites a sense of deep peace and relaxation throughout mind and body. This can look like anything, honestly. Some key elements to keep in mind are: meaningfulness; regular physical movement; slowed and purposeful movement; awareness of internal sensations; mindfulness; and deep peace or relaxation.

Personally and professionally, I have heard people describe their go-to coping skills in myriad of ways; included, but not limited to: tai chi/yoga; meditation (in various forms); cooking; cleaning; exercise; reading or writing ; and many others. Allow yourself to remain open to new experiences which may fit the description. Consider how a known activity could be understood in this new light, as well. Yours may look different from everyone else's and that is OK. It is for you, designed by you, and meant to speak directly to you.

On a more personal note: I have been playing Tai Chi and Qigong (a form of moving meditation) for many years. The forms I have discovered and play with continue to be my go-to practice. I have no doubt these are foundational in assisting me in dealing with big changes in my life.

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