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What is Preventing You from Going to Therapy?

Guest Blog by Shannon Heers

You’ve heard of counseling or therapy, but you know for absolute certainty that it is not for you. Other people go, but you, you deal with things on your own. You are strong enough and resourceful enough to figure this out and overcome it. You don’t quite know-how, but you do know that you do not need to consult a professional for whatever is going on with you. But, what if you’re wrong? What if these very thoughts that you are having about not going to therapy are the same types of thoughts that are causing you to feel depressed, or anxious, or sad? And, here’s the kicker… what if these thoughts you have about going to therapy are wrong?

I Believe What I Believe

Yes, you have probably gotten to where you are right now in your life because of your determination, your tenacity, and your intelligence. But are you happy? Truly, deeply, happy, and satisfied with your life? Are you enjoying every moment (or, at least most of them), and are you content with where you are right now? Since you are reading this article, I would venture to guess not. There are several limiting beliefs that you have that are preventing you from moving forward in your own self-development; we all have limiting beliefs. But are you willing to challenge those beliefs and reap the benefits of personal growth? Hopefully, your answer is now “maybe” instead of a hard “no”.

How Do I Know What is True?

Sometimes there are no “true” thoughts. You know what is right for you and what has worked for you in the past, but will that continue to work for you in the future? What if you had the courage to change how you think so that you can be happier? And it is the courage to change yourself and how you do things. It is not easy. Counseling helps you through this process, guiding you to understand what you can change and how it can benefit you. But only you can take the necessary steps to get started. Only you can take that leap of faith, that a trained and experienced therapist may know more than you do about personal growth and development, about changing negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, and which coping skills will work best for you to manage your anxiety and worry.

Going to Counseling Means I am Weak

The concept of getting help meaning that you are weak is, honestly, old-fashioned. Perhaps in your grandparents’ day, the concept of emotional wellbeing and mental health was not valued. But today, to not only survive but to thrive in this world, you need to be emotionally intelligent. Almost everyone has heard of or read Dan Goleman’s works on Emotional Intelligence. This is not a fad, it is a real thing that is now, more than ever, so important for you to attend. I actually believe that it takes more courage to seek out support and help than it does to ignore the possibility that you are not an expert on everything and that you may need help. It takes an incredible amount of courage to seek out a therapist, then to open up emotionally to a person you do not know. However, the benefits of doing this and of being courageous can be life-changing.

So far, I’ve talked about some limiting beliefs that are preventing you from going to counseling, convinced you (hopefully) that therapists can help you change these limiting beliefs to your benefit, and showed you that seeking counseling is really the courageous thing to do. Now, it’s up to you. Do you want to let your own limiting beliefs halt you and your life in its tracks, or do you want to continue to grow and move forward with your chosen path? A trained and experienced professional can help you feel better, be more productive, and overcome your hurdles. All it takes is one step forward by you to get started.

Author Bio: Shannon Heers

Shannon Heers is a psychotherapist, guest blogger, and owner of an online and in-person group practice in Colorado. Shannon is passionate about working with professionals, parents, and postpartum moms to manage stress, tame anxiety, and process grief. Follow Catalyss Counseling on Facebook and Instagram.

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