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5 Steps to Your Personal Mission Statement

It's a curious thing when I run across how various strategies learned in one aspect of life can be wholly applicable in mental health awareness! This morning, I was on a walk enjoying the cool morning air and listening to the birds singing to one another beneath an overcast sky when I was inspired by an advertisement on drinking tea, of all things.

While I do have my very own private practice, I sometimes find it hard to think of it as a business. But reflecting on the AD I heard days ago, I got to thinking about how I could treat myself as a business...insofar as creating a personal mission statement to better illustrate for myself and others precisely the who, what, why, when, and how of my foundations as a human in this world.

It was then that I considered four really solid pieces of advice that helped me think about how I might manage my time and my life more effectively while addressing the ever-present sense of anxiety that invades life so intensely these days. What better time than now to take a few moments of exploration to write out your purpose!?

I mean, great businesses create a mission statement long before anything really when gets off the ground.

What if you did the same for yourself?

What elements would make up the foundation of your core as a human in this world?

What image/symbol/logo would best represent you allowing others to see it as immediately recognizable as you?

Now that I have barraged you with numerous questions...where do you go from here? Well, consider the following five steps:

1: Identify Past Successes Brainstorm four or five examples where you have had personal success in recent years. These successes could be at work, in your community, at home, etc. Write them down! Notice any themes to them? Write those down!

2: Identify Core Values Create a list of attributes that identify who you are and what your priorities are. The list can be as long as you need - there will be time to whittle it down to around five or six of the most important values. Finally, choose the one value that is most important to you.

Step 3: Identify Contributions List the ways you could make a difference. In an ideal situation, how could you contribute most effectively to the world, in general, your family, your friends, and your community?

Step 4: Identify Goals Thinking about your priorities in life and the goals you have for yourself...list your personal goals, perhaps in the short-term (2-3 years) and the long-term (three years and beyond).

Step 5: Write the Mission Statement Based on the first four steps and a better understanding of yourself, begin writing your personal mission statement.

If you find yourself getting a little stuck, please reach out! I would love to help you find a comfortable space away from the "norm" and invite you to explore these very important issues! Let's have a chat to see if you and I would be a good fit. I look forward to hearing from you very soon!

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