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3 Ways to Stop Panic

You are in the midst of an intense and overwhelming sense of control and don't know where it came from or how to escape. Take a breath and read on for you are about to take back the control that you have always had which will be unlocked after using one or more of the following "secrets":

1. with your middle finger, trace your arm starting at the top and inside your forearm...follow all the way to your palm and then chose a wrinkle inside your hand...trace it slowly and delicately..take note of all the sensations it so until you feel your breath slowing

2. hold your hands in front of your body as though you are holding an invisible the ball...feel the ball...notice its color...its texture...its movement within your grasp...notice how it expands with each inhale...and contracts with each exhale...take careful note of how it changes throughout your experience and play with the ball of energy you have created...keep hold for as long as you wish...for the panic and fear has already subsided

3. bring to mind the appearance of a wise guide...this is someone of great strength that you know...they can be someone you know or do not know...this person is one who brings you to calm simply by their presence...notice how they sit with you in this moment of fear and panic...see them wholly beside you...see what are they wearing...note how they regard you...hear their words and feel the depth of their presence...understand that they are here to lend you just enough strength to see and feel more clearly...allow yourself to embrace their presence...and invite them to stay as long as you need them

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