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Transformative Programs for Mind and Body

Mind-Body Medicine for Holistic Well-being

"Bridging Body and Mind: The Art and Science of Techniques for Modern Well-Being" workshop, beckons you to explore this transformative journey. At the heart of this workshop lies a convergence of evidence-based Mind-Body Medicine (MBM) techniques and the poetic resonance of holistic healing. Dr. White's rich tapestry of expertise weaves together somatic therapy, mindfulness, Qigong, and the nuanced art of poetry as therapy, creating a vibrant mosaic of healing practices.

Energy Psychology

Explore the realms of your psyche with 'Energetic Echoes: Unlocking Emotional Well-being'. This Energy Psychology course fuses traditional therapeutic techniques with an understanding of the body's energy systems. Aimed at those eager to explore new dimensions of mental health, it offers innovative ways to achieve emotional balance and healing.

Creative Self-Expression for Healing

"Harmonizing Words and Body: A Somatic Poetry Journey" beckons you to a realm where poetry and somatic wisdom converge. Discover the power of words and movement to navigate and heal your inner landscape. This transformative journey offers a unique blend of poetic expression and bodily awareness, making it ideal for anyone seeking to explore and articulate their emotions and truths through the harmonious rhythm of poetry. It is perfect for anyone looking to explore their mental landscape and find solace in the rhythm of poetry and movement.

Vegan Activism

"Resilience in Advocacy: Strengthening Our Compassion with Science and Heart." This unique workshop merges evidence-based mental health strategies with heartfelt compassion, tailored for vegan activists. Discover transformative techniques to enhance your resilience, deepen your impact, and nurture your well-being. Join a community of like-minded advocates and empower your activism journey.

Tai Chi and Qigong

Embark on 'Flowing Balance: Tai Chi & Qigong for Serenity', a course that introduces the calming and centering arts of Tai Chi and Qigong. Discover how gentle movements can lead to profound inner peace and improved mental clarity, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a physical path to emotional equilibrium.

Got questions or curious to learn more? For more detailed information on any of these offerings, I’m just a message away. Reach out, and let's dive into your journey of self-discovery together. Thanks for reaching out!

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