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Meet Dr. Paul White

Hey there! I'm Dr. Paul White, and I’m here to help you thrive

during your university years. With expertise in somatic and

mind-body medicine, I specialize in supporting students through

university's ups and downs. Let’s work together to manage stress,

build resilience, and achieve your goals in a safe and

supportive space.

University life comes with its own set of challenges. Here’s how I can help you tackle them:


Exploring Identity

  • Navigating your sexual or gender identity? I provide a safe space to discuss your feelings and needs.


Academic Pressure

  • Overwhelmed by coursework? I’ll help you manage academic stress and make well-informed career choices.

  • Graduate Students: Facing academic pressure, research-related stress, and balancing work-life commitments? I’m here to guide you.


Mental Health

  • Feeling anxious or depressed? I’ll develop strategies to manage stress and boost your mood.

  • Students Experiencing Trauma: If past trauma is affecting your academic performance, personal life, and mental health, I can support you through it.


Social and Economic Justice

  • Facing unique challenges as a student of color? I am here to support you in building community and dealing with racism.



  • Questioning your beliefs and values? I'll help you reflect on and clarify your values and manage family conflicts. 

  • Non-Traditional Students: Balancing education with family responsibilities, financial stress, and fitting in with younger students? Let’s navigate these challenges together.

Holistic Vegan Therapy

Stress, Anxiety, Finding Purpose - Let's navigate it together.

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